About Us

Who we are

BestMark Solutions is mainly an offline and online marketing company that provides solutions for effective sales and marketing value chain. It comprises of various teams, professional individuals and other associates necessary to make its mission of helping as many people as possible a success. Its founder Mos Maja, the brainchild behind the maths support programme, collective investment approach and smart leadership strategies and programmes is a qualified teacher, engineer and leadership expert. He has worked for the department of education as maths and science teacher, Metrorail as maintenance engineer, SABMiller as engineer in operations, StratCorp as marketing manager, Selective Empowerment Investments Limited companies as non-executive and later executive director, and for his own Maths Plus and Fluence Factor that he co founded with one of his business associates.

About the Chief Tutor

Mos started tutoring mathematics in 1987 and has helped many learners and schools to improve their maths skills and prepare for exams through his ‘I Love Maths’ motivational talks, tutorial sessions and smart study guides. He is currently developing an online programme with video clips and workbooks for grade 3 to grade 12 learners.

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