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Maths Tip 2. Get a Tutor
To do well in Mathematics you must have a good Tutor.
Mathematics Tutor is an instructor that offers private mathematics lesson outside the mainstream education system. A Tutor helps struggling students or assist and guide students who wants to do well.
Like in any game, to do well you need a coach or mentor. It does not matter how smart or intelligent you think you are. You need a Tutor just like good football, tennis, cricket or any other sport players have coaches.
A Tutor is someone who is well positioned to make you believe in yourself and help get the best out of you. With a good Tutor on your side you stand a better chance of performing to your ultimate best. You will relate to a Tutor differently from how you relate to your teacher. Your Tutor must be more accessible and always willing to assist especially where you struggle to get things right.
Among the best mathematics Tutors are engineers because they are taught mathematics from the first principle with all sorts of derivations, real-life proofs and complex applications. I may be sounding biased here but it’s a fact. Engineers do make good Mathematics Tutors.
Get a good coach for yourself. Get a good mathematics Tutor and fly your way up to the top
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