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Maths Tip1: Know and Understand Concepts
To do well in Mathematics you will have to Know and understand all Mathematics Concepts.
Mathematics Concepts are mathematical rules that are used and applied during the problem-solving process of any mathematical question. Every topic in mathematics has its own rules. Mathematics is not only about the answers but how you get to the answers. Mathematics Concepts are the WHYs and the HOWs of the game of mathematics.
If you play any game without knowing, understanding, interpreting or applying the rules of the game chances are, you will lose the game or get disqualified long before the end of the game. Without good knowledge of the rules of the game you stand a very little chance of winning.
Mathematics Concepts include mathematical operations such as plus (+), minus (−), multiply (×) and divide (÷), formulas, general equations, theorems, axioms, unique mathematical terminology, characteristics of shapes, etc. If you were to take any prescribed book, Concepts are more likely to be everything in that text book other than worked examples and exercises. These are normally highlighted, discussed and presented separately before the application is demonstrated in the examples.
Learn the rules of Mathematics before you play the game. Learn all the Concepts before you attempt to understand any example or before you start to solve any problem.
Happy problem solving and all the best for the academic year 2019.
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